post chick fil a, krispy kreme, and large beef pho HEHE. i luuuvv food and i love my food babies too. i sort of had a mental breakdown the past few weeks and i was constantly restricting myself from food that i loved and didnt even workout much with the excuse that i was eating super clean. Bout time i realize that i need to enjoy myself a lil more, treat myself a lil more, exercise to feel good and not to punish myself, and to realize that WITH CONSISTENCY I WILL HAVE ABS. hahaha i cant believing ive been complaining about not seeing progress in my core when i havent been even working for them. Work accordingly to your goals in not just aesthetics but in every aspect of your life.. and enjoy the food you love!! have the slice of cake, just dont eat the whole damn thang! going to enjoy the beautiful weather tomorrow mornin with my mom on a long walk at the park!! :) #fitness #foodbaby #fitspo #TREATYOSELF #preggo #gators #eatcleantrainmean #instafit #igfit #fitfam #smile #girlswithmuscle #myprogress #abs #lol

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